Which Hindu God Should I Worship Each Day?

In the Hindu calendar, each names of the day (such as Sunday, Monday, etc.) is written in Hindi (for example: Sunday is Raviwar). We know that in Sanatan Dharama (External Duty), we only pray to 1 god. But why do we have more than 1 god. That is because god has different roles. Here is a chart that tells you which god can be worship each day:

RAVIWAR (Sunday) ——————————–Surya Bhagwan

SOMWAAR (Monday) ——————————Shiva

MANGALWAAR (Tuesday) ————————Hanuman*

BUDHWAAR (Wednesday) ————————Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and Outars

GURUWAAR (Thursday) ————————–Puja to Guru

SHUKARWAAR (Friday) ————————–Devi Maa Puja (Durya Maa Puja)

SHAANIWAAR (Saturday) ————————Hanuman*

**Lord Hanuman has 2 days which is Tuesday and Saturday. WHY? Because his official day of worship is Tuesday, but after saving Shanie (if this is incorrect, please comment on this post) from Ravan, Shanie give Hanuman a reward (which is devotees will worship him also on Saturday).**


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